Invest Like A Tortoise

When we think about wealth, we often remember stories of near-overnight successes. Those who picked the right stock, or sold the best NFT, or won the lottery. These stories get a lot of airtime and word-of-mouth tends to spread them like wildfire, so it’s only natural to want to be a part of the trend. But how often do these trends not work out?

The volatility of the stock market over the past few years has been quite jarring due … Read the whole post...

Impacts of Media on Personal Investment

As an investor, if you watch the news right now or pick up a magazine things look pretty grim. Publications and media are using phrases like “market crash” and “financial disaster” to describe our current economic climate, and it has got folks worried. The thought of another impactful economic event like those in 2008 is on a lot of people’s minds. Take the February cover of The Economist for instance:

The headline “When the Ride Ends” and photo of a … Read the whole post...

Focus on the Stairs, Not the Yo-Yo

Financial markets go up and down daily. This can cause a lot of anxiety for investors. Am I going to lose all of my invested money? Am I making the wrong choices? The right ones? This stress is further heightened by the media constantly yelling at us to BUY or SELL stocks as if the next big crash is only moments away.

When you look at historical data for these markets though, they have always continued on an upward trend

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