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There was a time not too long ago where the financial planning industry seemed to be focused on selling financial products and volume, volume, volume! This foundation in sales is still around, but we’ve started to notice a much-needed shift towards financial planning becoming primarily a professional advice industry. Now, don’t get us wrong, sales are important in any business. Everyone has to keep the lights on. But there’s a fine line between generating sales, and building long-lasting relationships. With … Read the whole post...

Financial Advising, Not Financial Telling

In a service industry like financial advising, it’s not about us it’s about our client. It can be tempting for us to focus on our qualifications, client reviews, investment returns, or brand when we really should be focusing on you. There are no quick fixes to long-term financial planning, and a sales mentality is a disservice to clients.

As an advisor, our job isn’t to have all of the answers or to change your situation overnight. We are as good … Read the whole post...

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