4 Financial Tips for New Attending Physicians

Entering practice after residency marks an exciting transition where your hard work begins to yield financial rewards. Our experience collaborating with physicians for the past decade provides valuable insights into these transitions. Here, we provide four key financial tips to consider—while not an exhaustive list, these recommendations can significantly impact your financial journey.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Money…

We like to think we are in control, all of the time. Of course, this is rarely the case given the myriad of factors beyond our control that exist in our lives. 

Money is no different. 

The term “financial literacy” has gained prominence in public policy over the last number of years as governments seek to increase the understanding of money and the economic systems in our society. Presumably, this is to help ensure that people can make better decisions … Read the whole post...

Perspectives: Trust the financial advisor, who trusts the market.

By David Booth, Executive Chairman & Founder, Dimensional Fund Advisors LP

With over 200,000 financial advisors in the United States, how do you pick one?

First, eliminate the stock pickers. Those are the people making predictions about which stocks are going to be winners and losers. Cross off the market timers, too. They’re the ones who get into and out of the market, trying to buy the dip and sell at the peak. The problem with these strategies is that … Read the whole post...

TCM Financial_Relationships Over Sales

Relationships > Sales

There was a time not too long ago where the financial planning industry seemed to be focused on selling financial products and volume, volume, volume! This foundation in sales is still around, but we’ve started to notice a much-needed shift towards financial planning becoming primarily a professional advice industry. Now, don’t get us wrong, sales are important in any business. Everyone has to keep the lights on. But there’s a fine line between generating sales, and building long-lasting relationships. With … Read the whole post...

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