The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Money…

We like to think we are in control, all of the time. Of course, this is rarely the case given the myriad of factors beyond our control that exist in our lives. 

Money is no different. 

The term “financial literacy” has gained prominence in public policy over the last number of years as governments seek to increase the understanding of money and the economic systems in our society. Presumably, this is to help ensure that people can make better decisions … Read the whole post...

Bring An Umbrella, It Might Rain…

Insurance is rarely a topic gleefully brought up at the dinner table or discussed when you’re out with friends. However, it is a crucial part of any holistic financial plan, and it looks different for everyone. Insurance might make up a larger portion of some people’s financial plan, while making up only a small portion for others. It all comes down to your risk tolerance around your cash flow.

If you’ve made it this far, you aren’t as scared of … Read the whole post...

Personal Finance is More Personal than it is Finance

We often think of finances as a cut-and-dry part of our lives. Left-brained and analytical. Unemotional. The truth is, however, that personal finance is a lot more complicated than just numbers and spreadsheets. Our emotions and mental well-being are directly tied to our financial situation and what we choose to do with that situation. The “personal” side of finance simply can’t be ignored.

As Tim Maurer, Wealth Advisor and personal finance expert said:

“Personal finance is more personal than

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