Bring An Umbrella, It Might Rain…

Insurance is rarely a topic gleefully brought up at the dinner table or discussed when you’re out with friends. However, it is a crucial part of any holistic financial plan, and it looks different for everyone. Insurance might make up a larger portion of some people’s financial plan, while making up only a small portion for others. It all comes down to your risk tolerance around your cash flow.

If you’ve made it this far, you aren’t as scared of … Read the whole post...

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind. Our clients have consistently told us (in so many words) that financial peace of mind is their main priority. Investment returns rarely come up.

This is somewhat counterintuitive given the focus in the financial media on stock market returns.

Some financial institutions, or your Instagram feed, might have you thinking that peace of mind is defined by a smiling well-dressed couple strolling on a beach with a golden retriever. Or maybe a grandma spending time with her … Read the whole post...

Is it time for a Mid-Career Check-In?

If retirement seems far off in the distant future, but your early twenties seem like a fuzzy memory long in the past, then we have a package for you!

Planning now for retirement is the best way to have a direct impact on your future, and to feel secure about your financial wellbeing.

Our financial planners will work with you to define your goals for retirement, assess your current financial picture and savings strategy, and come up with a solid … Read the whole post...

Retirement Ready?

Are you considering retirement? 

So much in our world feels uncertain right now, but wondering whether you can comfortably retire should not contribute to that feeling. Our financial planners will work with you to review your personal situation, assess your goals for retirement, and help you feel confident in making the right decision on the timing of your retirement. 

If you want to learn more about this package, please reach out!

What is fee-for-service financial planning?

Simply put, it is financial, investment, mortgage, debt or insurance advice for an agreed-upon fee.

The difference is that the fee is transparent and not tied to the sale of any product, nor paid by anyone else but the client. This allows you to ask specific questions, express concern about a product’s suitability for you, or even just get an objective second opinion about some aspect of the Canadian financial services industry.

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